This domain is registered to Crowded Houses™ the UK's First crowd funding investment business and a great "NEW" way you can invest small amounts in property.
It's about investing together . No banks. No expensive mortgage arrangement fees. No credit checks - And no property finder's fees.
It's straigthforward, its transparent and honest, its a true property investment partnership, where all profits are split fairly.

We're currently updating our website to offer new options and opportunities. - So Please Come Back Soon.

" ..We provide the property investment expertise, we source and purchase heavily discounted properties.
We do all the work refurbishing the property, making it easy for you to invest in property, without lifting a finger.
 Just sit back and relax – it’s a true armchair property investment.

You can invest with as little as £1,000 and you receive a pro-rata share of the profits when the property is sold.

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Crowd funding is the fastest growing investment strategy in the World, as banks continue to REFUSE to lend, or pay little interest to savers.
f you would like to know more about the UK's FIRST property crowd funding investment business. Contact or call +44 (0)1753 681866.